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Yabba TV Interview
Kevin Wang discusses Nigeria and the repocutions of the oil spills there on Yabba Radio.
BP's Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
PowerPlus Disaster Clean Up (DCU) of Anaheim, CA supported dozens of cleanup teams in the Gulf of Mexico during the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon spill. DCU's founder and owner, Kevin Wang, has nothing but praise for BP during his interaction with the comopany during the spill.
PowerPlus DCU Mangrove Symposium 2
PowerPlus DCU, PowerPlus DCU Nigeria, and world renowned representatives from noted universities, were in attendance for the second Oil Disaster Symposium. The purpose of this meeting was to call to attention the need for revising current plans for remediation by pointing out specific issues that rendered the plans incomplete, inefficient, and environmentally costly.
DCU Speaks at ANNID
PowerPlus Powerplus joined members and guests at the ANNID (All Nigerian Nationals in Diaspora) first annual global convention held at the Westin in Los Angeles to discuss their solutions for bringing jobs, education and healing to the people of Nigeria.
PowerPlus DCU Mangrove Symposium
PowerPlus has determined that bio-remdediation is only a half-measure and a dangerous one at that, but still a usefull one. The top minds in related fields from all around the world bridge gaps and affirm PowerPlus's conclulsions at the first PowerPlus DCU Mangrove Symposium.
Nigeria in talks with PowerPlus DCU
Nigeria has major oil spills being caused by oil theft and pipe line break in and around Nigeria. The Nigerian government has made it a going concern to clean up the oil, land, waterways, and mangrove areas that have been crippled by oil contamination. PowerPlus DCU has been approached by the Nigerian government in hopes of cleaning the problems as they have done for many US disasters in years past.
Iraq begins talks with PowerPlus DCU
Iraq has begun negotiations with PowerPlus DCU to clean up oil spills and NORM material. Some spills include where Saddam Hussein poured millions of barrels of crude oil into the sea to sink US ships when they entered the harbor. Now the oil slick, several inches deep is used as a roadway. The Iraq government is moving to clean up the beaches and restore them to useful and livable conditions.